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Skills to Avoid Harmful Relationships

For some individuals, avoiding harmful relationships appear to come naturally while others constantly find themselves in one harmful relationship after another.  How do we end up in harmful relationships to begin with and how can we learn to avoid this repeating cycle? 


This course specifically narrows in on educating and equipping participants, particularly our youth and parents, with knowledge and skills for our youths to avoid harmful relationships and parents to guide them.  The course also touches on family relationships and how those can greatly influence the choices we make when choosing dating partners.  This same course content is also available for speaking engagements.


As the President and CEO of our company, I am deeply motivated to spare any child or teenager the same harmful experiences I endured in my youth and as a newlywed at the age of 22.  The Building Skills to Avoid Harmful Relationships course is designed to accomplish this purpose.  Having first-hand knowledge of the subject matter and more importantly, surviving it, I am an example of living a productive life after enduring a series of harmful relationships and look forward to sharing my story for the benefit of others. 


If my story can save individuals from falling into the snare of harmful relationships, I am more than willing to share my experiences along with how the mental strength to endure, escape and move beyond its damaging effects was achieved.  I am exposing the bones in my closet to help prevent others from collecting the same in his/hers.  It is hoped by sharing details of my harmful relationships, attendees will learn how to avoid them all together or thrive after enduring this harmful treatment. 


Relationship abuse is regrettably, not confined to romantic relationships.  Encountering harmful behavior in relationships with family members can also have the same detrimental effects.  In fact, some harmful behaviors are learned from close family members which will be discussed during the training course or speaking engagement.


I look forward to meeting you with the opportunity to share incredibly helpful information for you, your family, and friends.


Please note:  Courses and speaking engagements for youths and parents are held separately.

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