Human Resource Training Workshops

For smaller organizations without an HR department and/or HR departments that could use extra help in training your management staff, ​DIFFERENT IS FABULOUSTM also provides training workshops to include the following topics:

  • Hiring for Team Success

    • Avoid Illegal Hiring Practices

    • Essential Steps for Hiring Right Rather than Hiring Fast

    • Properly Preparing for the Interview

    • Are Job References Necessary?

    • Diversity and Hiring

  • Discrimination

    • Understanding Requirements for Fair and Consistent Treatment

  • Mastering Effective Communication

    • How to Give an Effective Presentation

    • Solutions for Navigating Conflict Management

    • Conduct Productive Meetings in Less Time

  • Successfully Manage Employee Performance

    • Setting Meaningful Performance Goals

    • Why Documenting Performance Throughout the Year is Vital

    • Preparing for Appraisal Meetings and Follow-Ups

    • How to Be Honest in Providing Employee Performance Feedback

    • Retention Strategies for High Performers

  • Medical Leave and Required Supervisor Actions 

    • o   Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

    • o   Accommodating Employees Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

    • o   Short and Long-Term Disability Leave

  • Pay Attention to Workplace Conduct

    • When Conduct Becomes Harassment Under the Law

    • How to Act on Possible Workplace Violence Suspicions

    • Become “Emergency Response” Ready

    • The Delicate Balance of Addressing Substance Abuse

    • How to Handle Excessive Attendance and Tardiness

  • When Corrective Action and Termination Become Necessary

    • Ensure Policies Are Well Written and Communicated

    • The 5 Steps for Documenting Poor Work Performance

    • Corrective Action vs. Discipline

    • Conducting a Constructive Corrective Action Meeting

    • Corrective Action for Improving Performance and Behaviors

    • Discharging an Employee and the Law

  • Work Performance Improvement Strategies

    • Focusing Employee Performance

    • Planning and Organization Skills

    • Creative Problem Solving

  • Managing Your Personal Workplace Contribution Regarding:

    • Time

    • Projects

    • Teams

    • Stress

Our purpose is to assist our pre-teens, teenagers and young adults to embrace their exceptional differences while accepting the unique differences of others.

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