Now is Your Time to Do Something

Reflecting on the life George Floyd had brutally taken away from him, and the many, many

black lives lost before him, I remain emboldened to DO SOMETHING.

To assist in ending the cruelty and hatred expressed toward others, I created Different is Fabulous a year ago with the mission, “To increase awareness, encourage acceptance and inspire positive action for our youth to explore and embrace the collective differences of themselves and others.”

Ending harmful and painful behavior toward others begins with educating our youth. My vision? “To inspire our youths to courageously accept who they are while welcoming the differences of others with compassion and understanding.” Change starts by raising a generation, and generations afterwards, to accept and embrace the differences of others – without the learned behavior of racism.

What can you do or how can you help as the world grapples with yet another black life lost? Start by having conversations with your children regarding acceptance of others and what this truly means. Initiate thought-provoking discussions with your peers and loved ones. Spread the word about how negative actions can be detrimental to others while positive actions, tolerance and understanding is a powerful way to finally change dated and biased ways of thinking.

Sustained change cannot occur with just one more moment of commitment but rather a movement of government action, police reform and community involvement.

Is this also a relevant topic for the workplace? Absolutely! Remember racism happens everywhere, especially in the workplace, which is why laws were enacted to protect against workplace discrimination.

You can do your part to change the past 400+ year narrative against black individuals so we do not see another precious life taken, witness another family mourn, or have another need to protest the killing of another black life.

Demonstrate your belief that Black Lives truly do Matter. Now is your time to “do something”.

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