Poor Timing

You just don’t have the time to talk. The person thinks: a) you are a snob, b) you are blind or oblivious, and/or c) don’t care about them.


You are painfully shy and shun just about everybody—when down deep you want and need that social connection. You miss out on rich opportunities.

If you tend to shun people but want to give it up, start by putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. Compassion and communication work wonders.


You are resentful about the progress made by someone in your field and have found your passive-aggressive behavior toward the person isn't working. So you shun them instead. The person and others notice your behavior which reflects poorly on you.


You just don’t like the person. They irritate you and don’t pick up on your signals. You don’t attend events you know they are invited to and shun them if you happen to be in the same room. The person: a) may think they did something wrong, b) experiences a plummet in self-esteem, and/or c) may think you have a personality flaw.

Racial or Cultural Bias

You have a negative bias towards cultures other than yours. You shun those whom you think are of those stigmatized races or cultures. You offend others and miss out on rich opportunities to learn from individuals you may actually enjoy as well as their cultures.

According to an article published by Psychology Today, "From a psychological standpoint, the act of shunning is social or mental rejection. Why do people shun others?

Here are some reasons, instances, forms of shunning and the damage done."​


You recently had a party that the other person knew about but wasn't invited to and you don’t want to talk about it. You see them at the mall and dart into a store. The person wonders what’s wrong with them.


You left your job for another one and told your new employer confidential info about your former employer. Now you shun your former employer and former co-workers because you know what you did was unethical. Your formers speculate what happened and may eventually lose respect for you.