The Three A’s to Boldly Show Your DIFFERENT IS FABULOUSTM  
Awareness, Acceptance and Action.  It all begins with you!

DIFFERENT IS FABULOUSTM takes two distinct approaches in support of our mission “To increase Awareness, encourage Acceptance and inspire positive Action to explore and embrace our collective differences" through Diversity and Inclusion training workshops. 

The first approach is to help you to understand how you view and treat yourself while the second approach helps you to understand how you view and treat others.  Due to several factors and outside influences (e.g. our upbringing, images or stereotypes in movies and television, magazines, well-meaning friends, etc.), you may overtly or unintentionally treat yourself and others in a less than favorable manner, convinced you are taking the correct course of action.   

How you view and treat yourself and others is the first A (Awareness) to boldly show your DIFFERENT IS FABULOUSTM

During our workshops, you will gain a deeper awareness of yourself through emotional intelligence (EQ) exercises and participate in activities to sharpen your awareness of others.  Why is this a key step in the Three A’s?   Developing the ability to be aware of how you are effectively managing your own emotions while helping others to do the same, will assist you to become aware that your treatment of yourself and others is fundamental “to welcome the differences of all individuals with compassion and understanding."  In developing or enhancing this ability, we sharply reduce overt or unintentional hurtful and harmful behavior and become more open to “explore and embrace our collective differences.” 

Once you have raised your EQ, it becomes easier to accept who you are as you are while you also accept others as they are without judgement, ridicule or bias. 

We will also review and participate in activities to (Accept) yourself and others as fabulously different.  Additionally, you will develop methods to take immediate and long-term (Action)  to assist in dismantling bullying and hatred with its detrimental effects and “learn and grow from our differing points of view based upon diverse experiences and backgrounds.”  

To schedule a Public Speaking Event or a Diversity and Inclusion Workshop, simply complete the form on our Get In Touch page and a representative will be happy to contact you.

This workshop will truly be a very insightful and moving learning experience!  We are excited to welcome you as a participant in one of our workshops soon! 

Boldly Show You're Different!